5 Things To Consider When Buying Jewelry for Belly Button
5 Things To Consider When Buying Jewelry for Belly Button

5 Things To Consider When Buying Jewelry for Belly Button : Belly button piercing trend was first set by top models Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington who flaunted classy navel attires on the runways. Today, women of every age group choose to follow this trend with the help of attractive belly button jewelry.

Gone are the days when belly jewelry was limited to small, fine-looking studs. Today’s market offers the widest range of jewelry in various colors, shapes, and sizes. From cute belly button rings to dangling belly jewelry, there’s a lot to explore in the jewelry shops.

If you are new to belly piercing and are looking for suitable jewelry pieces to adorn the piercing, consider the following things before kicking off your shopping session:

  1. Material Type

    Belly piercing jewelry is constructed from different materials such as silver, gold, titanium, surgical stainless steel, and PTFE. Considering the material is important for those who have metal allergies. You should also note the type of material used in making your belly jewelry if you have skin sensitivities. Choose PTFE aka BioFlex jewelry as it is hypoallergenic. You can also go for surgical steel and titanium belly piercing jewelry.

  2. Size

    Size is another important consideration while shopping for belly piercing jewelry. Remember, the standard size for a belly piercing is 14G. One should never pick barbells thinner than 18G. This is because higher gauged needle poses the risk of tearing, migration and rejection.

  3. Length

    The length of your first belly piercing barbells should be 3/8-inch or 7/16-inch to allow for extra space for your perforation to heal as well as easy clean. Once your belly piercing is healed, you can look for other sizes.

  4. Cost

    Do not settle for a cheap piece of belly jewelry especially if you have recently got a piercing. For a healthy belly, it’s recommended to buy quality belly jewelry. It’s best to invest in a diamond or gold belly button ring, stud or barbell for a perfect look and feel. These jewelry pieces will never go out of fashion and will subtly complement all your fashion outfits.

  5. Style

    There are n-number of style in belly piercing jewelry. Some of them are:

    • Circular Barbells/Captive Bead Rings: These stunning hoops are perfect if you want a simple, understated look.
    • Curved Barbells: Curved barbells have end balls that come in a variety of materials including gold, silver, diamond, gemstone-encrusted and so on. Pick a style that suits your taste.
    • Dangle Belly Button Rings: These rings come with fascinating charms. These charms come in several shapes such as heart, cross, geometric shapes, flowers, birds and everything else you can imagine. Pick something in diamond to add extra elegance to your belly piercing.
    • Non-Dangle Belly Button Rings: Just like their dangling counterpart, these pieces of belly jewelry are extremely adorable. They come in both simple and elaborate designs. Go for a gemstone-encrusted non-dangle belly button ring to flaunt your navel piercing stylishly.
    • Twister Spiral Belly Rings: As their name says, these rings come in the shape of a twisted spiral. Something great to impart a unique look to a belly piercing!
    • Reverse Belly Button Rings: In these rings, the charm hangs from the top of your piercing down to the belly button. If you are thinking about where to buy belly button rings, shop from a genuine online jewelry shop.
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5 Things To Consider When Buying Jewelry for Belly Button

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