5 Ways To Impress A Girl With Eye Contact
5 Ways To Impress A Girl With Eye Contact

5 Ways To Impress A Girl With Eye Contact : The art of ‘How to make a girl fall for you’ can be done on a macro and a micro level. The macro level is all about impressing her with gestures, showing her how mature you are and trying to wow her with all your other skills. These are the obvious ways to get a girl to fall for you.

On a micro level, you can get a girl to fall for you in all the little things that you do. The way you touch her and make her laugh are some little things that can go a long way in impressing her. Also, another important micro level component is the kind of eye contact you make with her. Yes, the way you look at a woman and practice eye contact can go a long way in establishing an attraction between you and her.

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Impressing A Girl With Eye Contact

How to make a girl fall for you with eye contact? We can give you a few ways if you are serious about wanting to master this art. If you give it your all and stare too hard, you might come off too strong and scare her off completely. On the other hand, if you act too coy and don’t take advantage of the right moments to make eye contact with her, she might assume you’re not interested at all.

If you’re new at this whole game of wooing women, these tricks will help you tremendously. Here are 5 situations where you must make subtle but firm eye contact with a woman in order to impress her.

  1. Make eye contact with her when in a group

    It’s cute when a guy makes eye contact with the girl he’s crushing on when sitting in a group. But the key here lies in picking the right moment to do it. If you do it when everyone is free and they notice you, it might just make the whole thing very awkward. But if you do it when people are occupied, talking, laughing or cracking jokes, that’s your cue to look at her endearingly.

    Maybe someone in the group said something embarrassing that you want to discuss with her later. Or a joke was cracked and everyone is just laughing their guts out. These are perfect moments to give your girl a glance.

  2. Making eye contact with her when she’s far in a crowded room

    If you’ve gone to a bar and are looking at this girl for the first time, some eye contact might do you good before you head in and start flirting with her. When she’s dancing or hanging out with her friends, try to find a moment when you can look at her and she looks back at you. That is going to certainly convey your interest in her right away!

    Add a sweet smile to that and you’re good to go. If she smiles back at you, that’s when you know it’s time to walk up to her.

  3. A soft gaze for when you make her laugh

    In the earlier scenario, the gaze was meant to be direct as it was conveying an interest. But in this case, one’s gaze should simply be warm to make the moment beautiful. Imagine you two are just hanging out in a coffee shop, on her roof or are walking in a park together. You crack a joke and she laughs uncontrollably.

    How to make a girl fall for you with eye contact in such a situation? Look nicely into her eyes when she’s laughing. It expresses how happy you are in that moment for being with her and for making her happy.

  4. Look endearingly at her when you give her a compliment

    The art of complimenting is a ballpark of its own but to get you started, here’s a tip you can use for when you are complimenting her. Good eye contact can completely change the way of how your compliment can come across to her.

    If you really want to give her a power-packed compliment, it’s not just important what you say, it’s also important how you say it. With a kind look, you can totally maximize on how great the compliment is supposed to make her feel.

  5. When you two are standing close

    If you two have already established having mutual attraction signs and you’re thinking about leaning in for a kiss eventually, why not express yourself with your eyes before you finally do it with your lips? That will heighten the tension between the two of you and make it obvious that you are ready to go in for the kill.

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Hopefully, you are not too perplexed about ‘How to make a girl fall for you with eye contact’ anymore. Remember, as long as your eye contact displays confidence and pursuit it’s all okay. But if it fences on almost seeming like desperation, you might just lose the girl. So be careful and use these 5 situations wisely!




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5 Ways To Impress A Girl With Eye Contact

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