7 Best Basketball Stadiums In USA
7 Best Basketball Stadiums In USA

7 Best Basketball Stadiums In USA : There is no doubt that basketball is one of the top most crowd pullers, perhaps because of the giants who play it, or it could even be the out of this world dunks. The adrenaline runs high and we all want to feel that exhilarating thrill of suspense, that one or two seconds where anything can happen. But remember, the venue is everything and in that light, here are 7 best basketball stadiums in the US.

  1. Capital One Arena

    The Capital One Arena is located in Washington’s Chinatown and it is home to the Washington Wizard basketball team. It has been credited with the rejuvenation and uplifting of the Chinatown neighborhood. Denver Nuggets have played the Wizards here, so have Miami Heat, Philadelphia Flyers and Tampa Bay Lightning to name but just a few of them.

    The sitting capacity of the Capital One Arena is 20,350 for the basketball arena. Right under the Stadium is the Washington Metro station.

  2. Madison Square Garden

    This is one of the most popular basketball stadiums in the USA. To watch a game here is a dream come true for many people. The stadium can sit 19,812 fans. This is the home of St John’s. However, it has hosted many other popular teams such as Rangers and Knicks to name but just a couple. Many events also take place here. The stadium is located above the Pennsylvania Railway Station in New York City. It is referred to as The Garden or MSG.

  3. Rupp Arena

    The Rupp Arena is one of the most popular basketball stadiums in the USA, for a few reasons. One, this arena has been named after Adolph Rupp, a Wildcats coach who had quite a winning streak. Two, it has 10000 cushioned seats on the lower floor while the upper floor has 13,000 metal seats. Located in Lexington downtown in Kentucky, this basketball stadium is home to Wildcats Men’s team, which hosts various teams. However, the sister team, Wildcats Women’s team also hosts other teams here. Learn more about Rupp Arena here.

  4. Carrier Dome

    This is the biggest domed arena in the USA, what with a capacity to sit 34,642 basketball fans, and with the capacity to increase seats for other games such as football and for concerts. The Carrier Dome is located in Syracuse in New York and is home to the Syracuse Orange Men, and Women’s basketball teams. Carrier Dome was opened in 1980 after refurbishment to the former Archbold Stadium. Cornell, Georgetown, Buffalo, Arkansas State and many more basketball teams have been hosted here.

  5. Dean Smith Center in North Carolina

    The Dean Smith Center is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It is home to the University of North Carolina and Tar Heels Men’s basketball teams. It has a sitting capacity of 21,750. Many basketball teams have been hosted here. Opened in 1986, there have been a few renovations and expansions since then, giving it a perfect basketball atmosphere.

  6. Spectrum Center

    This stadium is located in Charlotte and it is home to Charlotte Hornets associated with Michael Jordan. It has a sitting capacity of 19,077 for NBA games, but this can be expanded to 20,200 for college basketball games. The Charlotte City Council owns this stadium.

  7. American Airlines Center

    This stadium is home to the Dallas Mavericks men’s basketball team that is owned by Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban. It was opened in 2001 and has a sitting capacity of 20,000. It is located on 2500 Victory Avenue in Dallas, Texas. Today, it is rated as the 8th busiest arena in the world.

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7 Best Basketball Stadiums In USA

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