Finding The Right Bike For Your Size
Finding The Right Bike For Your Size

Finding The Right Bike For Your Size : Women are getting on the bike saddle in increasing numbers every year. According to Quartz mag, a typically male-dominated pastime is increasingly personified by women, with 60% of bike owners in the 17-28 demographic being female.

With so many more women choosing to cycle, it’s important to get the equipment side of things right – the most important of these being the bike itself. You would be surprised at the amount of thought that you need to put in in order to get a cycle that really suits you and your size, but getting it right can be the game changer in terms of having a comfortable time on the road.

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Suitable brands

Firstly, look for the right brand before you invest in your bike. There’s a good reason for this – brands like Mongoose are suited for off road, Cervelo are built for speed, and Schwinn for all-round use. Picking the brand most aligned with your usage requirements will make sure you get a bike with pedigree that’s built for your needs, as certain manufacturers will have far greater experience than other. Certain brands are going to stand out more than others for complete beginners, but you may be in for a wait: as the New York Times note, there’s a huge backlog in bike orders given the surging popularity of cycling over the past few months. If you can’t find the brand you like right away, look for similar competitors and have a look at their products.

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Sizing up

Don’t run out and find the first frame you can find. While kid’s bikes are often easy enough to buy – you’ll often go a little bit bigger to account for growth – adult’s bikes are all about precision. Amazon have compiled a useful bike sizing guide on their main website, and it has some important principles to share. Chiefly, that you’ll typically have sizes spanning a larger range in mountain bikes – a medium frame, for instance, will suit someone from 5’7 through to 5’11, whereas you might have three size categories for all other bikes. Be precise, and don’t deviate too much from your recommendation – an under or over-sized bike will be unsuitable.

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A final but sometimes crucial part of purchasing a bike is the customization options you buy. If your bike is for fast-paced road action, then you might want to keep it light – however, having the proper equipment to safely carry a GPS and water would be advantageous. Similarly, a long-distance cycle can benefit from saddlebags or a pannier. Make sure that what you purchase is set up so you’re safe on the road. Also, perhaps more crucial than any other piece of cycling equipment is your helmet: be sure to get one with the proper safety quality.

With these gems of advice in hand, you’ll have everything you need to get your own perfect cycle. Whether new or secondhand, cruiser bikes for women have great longevity, so it’s important to get a set criteria for your priorities down. Do so, and you’ll guarantee a smooth ride.

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Finding The Right Bike For Your Size

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