How to Incorporate Modest Fashion Into Your Wardrobe
How to Incorporate Modest Fashion Into Your Wardrobe

How to Incorporate Modest Fashion Into Your Wardrobe : Bucking the trend of revealing, sexy or skin-tight clothing, modest fashion is a movement that appears to be on the rise. Stemming from a philosophy that accords with many women’s religious and faith-based beliefs, modest fashion favors a style of femininity that cultivates elegance and sophistication, while keeping covered up.

Many mainstream brands are now embracing modest fashion with such clothing now being seen both on and off the runway. If you’d like to explore some alternatives to plunging necklines, shoulderless tops and thigh-high dresses then read on for some simple ways to incorporate modest fashion into your wardrobe.

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Maxi Dress

This modest and comfortable item of clothing is available in a wide variety of colors, fabrics and styles, each as flattering as the next. The low-maintenance nature of a maxi dress is in contrast to the visual appeal of this loose-fitting and free-flowing garment that can instantly elevate and beautify your look.

Whether it’s ankle-length or skimming the floor, the breathable material in a maxi dress can keep you looking cool yet stylish on a warm summer’s day and can be accessorized with jewelry to add a more formal or glamorous touch on a night out.

Worn in darker tones such as rich plum, burnt orange or olive green, maxi dresses are perfect for the fall or winter months and can be worn over a long-sleeved turtleneck and accompanied with a pair of ankle or knee-high boots. You can find online retailers such as Dainty Jewells offering a range of maxi dresses to suit your personal style.

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Turtleneck Tops

A winter survival staple, turtleneck tops are a classic and versatile garment that can be paired with a long skirt, a pair of jeans, dungarees or corduroy pants to create an effortlessly chic look that never goes out of style. Turtleneck tops also make the perfect work attire when worn under a blazer or beneath a maxi dress to give your summer wardrobe an outing during the colder months.


Whether it’s belted, muslimah, hooded or long, cardigans are a highly adaptable and fashionable piece of clothing that not only keep you warm but keep your arms nicely covered. Matched with your jeans, draped over your maxi dress or worn over a t-shirt, this modest garment will go with almost anything and is the perfect staple for any wardrobe.

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For those in-between days where a coat may be too warm, opt for an oversized or fitted thigh, knee or ankle-length cardigan. Paired with a beanie hat and scarf, this creates a fashionable look that will keep the cold at bay.

Midi and Maxi Skirts

Midi and maxi skirts are timeless pieces of clothing in any women’s wardrobe and can be worn all year round. Lighter fabrics with floral prints make the perfect choice for the spring or summer months while heavier materials such as corduroy or suede are the ideal option for the winter months. For the festive season, parties or for an evening out, a metallic or sequined pleated midi or maxi skirt will create a captivating look with little to no effort.

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By incorporating the tips in this article you can easily create a modest look that is both stylish and demure.




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How to Incorporate Modest Fashion Into Your Wardrobe

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