People have this idea in their mind that they can use the same menu templates for every season. However, it is not true. You can serve the same dishes to people – but it’s important to have an appropriate season menu.

In this way, people will be able to enjoy your day with you – while also having the best food. So, if you’re hosting a winter wedding – here are some ideas for a winter wedding menu.

Some tips

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that people will need something to warm themselves up for the wedding.

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So, always include soups and hot beverages. In this way, people will have something that they can have to curb the temperature.


For your appetizers, you need warm things. So people can get cozy while they wait for the main course. If you’re confused – here are some options.

Soups – this is a given, you NEED to include soup on your menu. There are a ton of options available to choose from. You can narrow down a few options for your day accordingly. For example, tomato soup or vegetable soup.

Sandwich – a sandwich is the safest option that you can choose for appetizers. It’s because you will have a ton of leverage to play around with the filling. But, for winter – try to add tuna sandwiches to the menu.

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Stuffed mushrooms – similar to a sandwich, you have a lot of different ways to cook stuffed mushrooms. It’s a great item to add to the menu. People will enjoy them while waiting for the main course.

Main course

Now, people always have multiple options for the main course. It’s good, but having too many options will mean that people will not savor their food. They will jump from one item to another.

To avoid this, try having 2 options for the main course. So, people can focus on their food. And, it will be easier for you to manage as well. Here are the options;

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Lamb roast – having meat is the easiest way to feel cozy. And when it comes to lamb roast – one cannot go wrong.

Chicken pot pie – it will add a cozy touch to the menu. Since chicken pot pie is a famous item, most people will enjoy having it.

With the main course, you can always have some side options. For example, fried fish and fries. Similarly, with lamb roast, you can serve sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes.


For deserts, we only have one option. You can serve your guests with a skillet brownie. It’s because it is a warm and safe option.

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The majority of people enjoy having a skillet brownie. So, your dessert menu will be a hit!

But, if you want something fancier. Try serving cheesecake with different toppings. For example, blueberries and strawberries. But make sure that you have a good food vendor. Because a lot can go wrong with a cheesecake. And you definitely don’t want your guests to end their meal on a bad note.


After you are done with the wedding save the dates dingand distribution of wedding invitation card. Try to sit down and jot down a menu.

It’s because most people do not think about it. And towards the end, they just go with basic options. As a host, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your guests have a good meal.

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So, take inspiration from the options in this list to narrow down your list. Once you are done, make sure to do a test trial.

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