Mommy Mission - 5 Breastfeeding Tips To Make Your Life Easier
Mommy Mission – 5 Breastfeeding Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Mommy Mission – 5 Breastfeeding Tips To Make Your Life Easier : Breastfeeding can be absolutely amazing, while also being so very challenging. It is not a smooth road, and a wide amount of different factors can affect the outcome. Luckily, even the tiniest changes can have a significant positive impact on your breastfeeding experience.

Even if your experience feeding your baby hasn’t been so bad, there is always room for improvement for a more fulfilling and comfortable scenario for both mother and baby.

To help you, here are breastfeeding tips to make your life easier:

  1. Zzzzzzzzzz……

    Get some sleep! Yes, you are she who holds the boobs, but that doesn’t mean you have to be the only one who feeds the baby. After about a month of a good breastfeeding regime and relationship, perhaps you could allow your partner to do some feeds. Pump some milk before bed for them to feed the baby, or look into the best baby formula if you want to alternate what you use.If you truly long for a good night’s sleep, share that feeding load and get some hard-earned Z’s.

  2. Find Your Tribe

    A breastfeeding group that suits your style can make such a huge difference in how confident and supported you feel throughout this journey. In these groups, you can get tips, support, information and recommendations for further local services you might be interested in. Studies have shown that a high percentage of women stop breastfeeding early because they simply have a lack of information and support.With the right information and support, many women would likely find more success with their breastfeeding journey. The benefit of having a group of people help you and let you know you are not alone is priceless, so find your tribe.

  3. Ask For Medical Help

    Sometimes we don’t ask for medical help when it is available to us. Medical issues like tongue and lip ties are common reasons for breastfeeding issues. Blockages and infections can also cause painful problems.

    Don’t be afraid to push for help from your doctor and from lactation consultants and experts who can help you. Sometimes there is a ‘technical problem’ making things much harder than they need to be.

  4. Seek Out Shortcuts

    Shortcuts with breastfeeding don’t mean you are cheating or offering any fewer benefits to yourself or your baby. What they do mean is that certain aspects of your breastfeeding can be easier, which is great. Do try things like nipple shields, portable pumping machines, pumps, breast milk bags, and privacy clothing. What works for one person won’t work for another, but if something does work, it could transform your experience.

  5. Be Comfortable

    Comfort is underrated when it comes to breastfeeding, and yet it can make so much of a difference. Firstly, set yourself up with various comfortable seats and cushions, blankets and areas where you can sit and breastfeed in peace.

    It can sometimes help to have mini care boxes full of handy things in your favorite breastfeeding spots. These help you avoid having to get up when you’re comfortable and your baby is feeding or asleep.

    You should also experiment with different breastfeeding positions which can help rest aching muscles and help with milk duct flow. Here’s a handy video showing a variety of breastfeeding positions for you to try.

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Breastfeeding is challenging, even if everything goes to plan. It can be hard, but rewarding work. Hopefully our tips above have helped even just a little bit, so you can enjoy breastfeeding your baby every day.







Mommy Mission – 5 Breastfeeding Tips To Make Your Life Easier

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