Packing For University Moving
Packing For University Moving

Packing For University Moving : Time rapidly flies and finally I have finished my secondary level of education. I am super excited to commence my university life soon. As early as now, I am beginning to prepare everything from the clothes I need to wear, things I need to buy for school and most especially the place to stay.

I have already looked for a new house dorm to reside in Toronto, the city wherein I will fulfill all my dreams in my new university. I have been planning the move since I finished my graduation day! I live in Fredericton which is a thousand miles away from Toronto and only hiring long distance movers Canada or cross country movers Canada are the two choices I have.

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Firstly, I had searched for  long distance moving companies that offer long distance moving and cross country moving service in Canada. I selected those long distance moving services near me so that it will be convenient for me as well as for the movers when moving day comes. Finally I have found the one that suits my moving needs. Thanks to Atlantic Coast movers for assisting me from all of my inquiries and questions politely and patiently.

After settling the long distance movers and packers for my move, the next thing is managing how the move will be less stressful. My parents let me pack my own stuff, they said I am old enough to make my own decision and it is the start of my independence and I understand honestly, I kinda like it, although I keep asking them for some guidance. I checked the rules of  the university to know what is prohibited as well as allowed stuff to bring. I also remember that Atlantic Coast movers’ customer service told me that there are things that I need to leave behind so I created a checklist for the things I need to bring and the unimportant ones.

  1. Electronic gadgets- portable laptop, notebook along with the charger as well as printer are crucial for studying so better I have these to have convenient time in doing my homework and projects.
  2. Home appliances- even though I want to bring one from home, it is better not for Electronic appliances are not usually allowed in dormitories. Communal kitchen usually have complete appliances that are needed by the students.
  3. Makeup and girly stuffs- of course, I cannot forget to bring my cosmetics and daily hygiene kit that I will use everyday. It is better to bring some to save money from buying it once I arrive.
  4. Bathroom necessities- for common bathrooms I need to bring my own toiletries’ bag and bathroom slippers. While for personal restroom, I need shower cap, shower curtain and floor mat.
  5. Cleaning agents and materials- liquid cleaning sprays and wipes for handles and surfaces specially now in COVID-19 are crucial. Alcohol and liquid gels for disinfecting. Whisk broom and feather duster as well as small vacuum and house floor mats for cleaning the room.
  6. Necessary Clothing- I can bring some important clothes but not all. Boots and other comfortable clothes that I am used to wear I can bring others I can just buy in Toronto once I need it.
  7. Bed Linens and towels- I will bring soft fiber linens and towels not too thick to save time and money in doing the laundry. Comfortable and winter blankets are also included that I can use in case of emergency.
  8. Laundry racks- this is crucial in saving money doing the laundry. After washing I can hang my clothes in the laundry racks inside my bedroom to dry.
  9. Luggage, suitcases and travelling bags- I choose luggage and bags that are comfortable to carry. Suitcases that have wheels for me to easily carry while walking. I also put some keychains for name tags and bus id’s. Travelling bags for the convenient ways for me to access all of my personal belongings.
  10. Gifts cards, Credit cards and grocery bags- These are crucial things to bring for me to have a smooth transaction in buying the necessary things I need everyday. These are more convenient compared to carrying cash all the time as well as to ensure safety.
  11. Bins for storage- keeping all of my stuffs in an organize storage bin will help me to promote space in my room as well as I can easily find the things just in case I will be needing them for the future.
  12. Kitchen small stuffs- utensils, cutting knife, one or 2 plastic glasses, bottle opener, wine cork as well as small cutting board are necessary for me to prepare the small things I need for myself to have a complete decent meal.
  13. First aid kit with medicine- for emergency purposes it is better to have a first aid kit ready. Medicine for simple sickness will also be helpful for me to feel comfortable in my new dorm.
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Things I do not need to bring.

  1. For some that don’t iron their clothes do not bring iron and iron boards. I do not so I don’t bring one.
  2. Any type of candle is not allowed to prevent fire.
  3. I do not bring the whole room just select the necessary things I need for my daily activities and routine.
  4. I choose only the few clothes I have that I feel comfortable to wear as well as few of  my accessories and cosmetics.

University life is one of the highlights of a human life experience. Making great things begins with first small steps that change our personality as well as how we perceive things. How we create the environment we live in reflects how great individuals we are. Making right choices as simple as choosing the best long distance moving companies Canada like Atlantic Coast Movers teach us how we will manage our life in the future.

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Packing For University Moving

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