Removing Wisdom Teeth - Are there any Side Effects or Complications
Removing Wisdom Teeth – Are there any Side Effects or Complications

Removing Wisdom Teeth – Are there any Side Effects or Complications : The third molars (wisdom teeth) are the last set of four teeth at the gums’ end. They usually grow through the gums in the early twenties but generally after the last 28 adult teeth are already in place. You will find that since they are final, the other teeth tend to block them and obstruct them due to inadequate space. Thus, makes them emerge at angles, emerge partially or end up in the wrong place.

As a result of the impaction (depending on how the tooth grew), the tooth cause health problems and it is necessary to have the teeth removed. However, wisdom teeth removal – a surgical procedure – has incidences of complications occurring. Among these complications and side effects include numbness of the jaw, swelling, or bleeding. But proper following of the dentists’ instructions reduces or prevents these complications.

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When can you remove the wisdom teeth?

Mt Gravatt Dentist advises that the decision on whether to have your wisdom truth removed depends on whether they’re likely to cause trouble in the future or they are already causing a problem. Before having your wisdom, teeth removed, ask yourself:

  • Are your wisdom teeth obstructing your other teeth from developing properly?
  • What are the risks associated with surgery?
  • Do the wisdom teeth cause damage to your teeth, nearby teeth, or the jaw, or are there chances of the risk happening?
  • Could your wisdom teeth replace the badly damaged molars (back teeth)?
  • Can the wisdom teeth interfere with the jaw-related treatments?
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People who have small jawbones or even crooked incisors fear that their teeth may be pushed out of place by wisdom teeth, especially if the wisdom teeth grow out of gum. The wisdom teeth can be left if the dentist inspects them and finds that they can’t affect other teeth.

Potential complications of having the wisdom teeth removed

As mentioned earlier, some of the side effects of removing wisdom teeth include swelling after the surgery, restrictions in opening the mouth for a while, and subcutaneous bruising.

Most people tend to swell on the cheeks or in the mouth after an operation. The swelling should not last for long. After a few hours, the swelling should be gone, but if it returns after a few days say four days, and gets worse while at the same time accompanied by bad breath, then the wound has already been infected. This happens if the blood clot that covers that wound come off too soon. Getting antiseptic gels or mouthwashes could prevent such kinds of complications.

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During the surgery procedure, blood vessels and nerves tend to get damaged. This can cause numbness in the tongue as well as some bleeding. Severe infections may also occur but in sporadic cases. Depending on how extensive the surgery procedure was the numbness might damage the nearby teeth and cause permanent problems.

As soon as the anesthetic is worn out, pains are likely to appear. Taking a painkiller can relieve the pain, and the pain should be gone after 24 hours.

Further complications of removing the wisdom teeth include damage to the mandibular or lingual nerves meaning there could be a permanent lack of sensation in the tongue, lower lip, or chin. Fortunately, the damage is reversible. The nerve damage depends on how deep the tooth is and how close it was to the nerve canal.

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There are incidences of blood in the saliva in the first 24 hours. This, however, is not a sign of danger or a sign of bleeding. Taking some cold water is recommended. You should note that swallowing the saliva mixed with blood discourages further bleeding, putting a dry teabag on the affected area for 20-30 minutes stops the bleeding.


After a wisdom teeth removal procedure holding an icepack against your cheek is necessary to reduce the swelling. Taking hot drinks, fruit juices, and smoking cigarettes should be avoided. These tend to slow down the healing process. Hard foods can also cause problems while taking lukewarm water is more suitable. Strenuous activities such as going to the sauna and sports should be avoided for some days as this can affect the healing process.

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Removing Wisdom Teeth – Are there any Side Effects or Complications

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