The Secrets Of A Good Shirt
The Secrets Of A Good Shirt

The Secrets Of A Good Shirt : I realized how vital shirts are to my wardrobe as I sorted through my clothes. In my look, they are a pillar. nwo wolfpac t shirts are something I wear sparingly, it is true. Maybe it’s the ease of care that makes the shirt so appealing, since it’s not a fixed piece of clothing like a t-shirt. It’s equally at home with buttons, buttons undone or sleeves rolled up. Today, it is still an essential part of every one’s wardrobe, so you must choose carefully.

Oscar Wilde, poet and connoisseur of the fashion wardrobe, once said, “Elegance is concentrated in the shirt.” This step-by-step guide will help you determine what to look for when choosing a shirt. My aim in writing this article is to provide a practical guide to t-shirts that will satisfy even the most curious readers. You have my full attention, and what a fascinating read!

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These are the 9 things you should consider when choosing a shirt:

  1. There is no heat-sealing on the collar; it is rigid
  2. Beautiful seams on the armhole
  3. A pattern’s alignment depends on whether it’s woven or not
  4. With three-fold seams, the cuff is rigid
  5. Thick and well-sewn buttons
  6. It is made from cotton twisted double
  7. Those small details: paws, swallows, etc.
  8. Dress shirts: choosing the right collar
  9. In. Bonus: Heat sealing should be done carefully when the collar is stiff

Shirts are judged by their collars, and men by their shirts”

My first consideration is the collar. There are a variety of collars (English, Italian, club, American, etc.) but it is hard to categorize them since we can find different names for the same collar depending on the store, the tailor, or the time! If you see less classically shaped collars such as “club button downs”, “semi-cutaways” and “far cutaways”, make sure to keep an eye out for them. The following table illustrates the basic passes.

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Italian collar or cutaway collar: A very open collar with widely spread legs (sic) facing back. This is a very chic and modern model, which suits large tie knots very well (by the way, I never wear a shirt with an Italian collar without a tie). This is my favorite collar, and I wear it mostly with suits.

It is also known as the alpha collar. It’s a standard collar with homogeneous proportions. Everything and in any situation can be worn with it. If you’re not a risk taker, this collar is for you. Both with and without a tie I wear it.


The American collar can be identified from afar by its buttonholes at the end of the collar plackets, which attach to the front panel of the shirt. Due to the popularity of the oxford shirt, this collar is often crossed.

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“Club collar”

The collar has a retro-style look with rounded legs and a small size also with the asap rocky hats Since my body type doesn’t suit this type of collar, I don’t wear it. In addition, I think he is somewhat too feminine for my taste.

Short, buttoned collars for officers. Small, very short, collars without flaps. My shirts have never been covered with it. This is a very stylish and special collar.

There is no flap or flap on the Mandarin collar. It’s just a button less collar stand, which makes it different from the stand-up collar.

Dress Shirt Collar Selection

My preferred collar is a thick collar with wide panels (8 cm wide) which hide the tie, give a masculine look – a narrower collar would make you look too feminine – and protrudes from the collar. I do not disappear underneath my costume. In fact, I wrote an article about the relationship between a shirt collar and a suit. Keep in mind that the collar of the shirt should always be higher than that of the jacket to lift your figure. We often talk about collars, but are unaware that there are three types of necklines (the part of your body on which the collar rests) and that they determine the way your collar looks.

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The Secrets Of A Good Shirt

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