Why Pregnant Women Need Compression Stockings
Why Pregnant Women Need Compression Stockings

Why Pregnant Women Need Compression Stockings : Pregnant women out there are more prone to diseases than any other woman. From the smallest of things to the biggest one, anything could easily affect their health. This is why this period is known as the most crucial time of life for a woman.

You might have already heard about compression stockings from your friend, family member, or even your mom. These are life saviors when it comes to helping pregnant women in not one but many ways.

Continue reading to learn more about compression stockings for pregnancy, the only socks that could help you maintain your physical fitness.

  • Improved Blood Circulation

    With the help of these compression stockings, you will also feel the blood circulating in your veins at a proper pace. There will also be a lesser risk of getting blood clots or several blockages in your veins with improved blood circulation. Better blood circulation is necessary for any pregnant woman, and this helps the baby grow healthier and increases the probability of a normal delivery.

    Even though these socks don’t need a doctor’s prescription, it is still necessary to keep the tightness of the socks to ensure better efficiency.

    Even though the doctors mostly suggest compression socks during pregnancy to those who are recommended for bed rest after the surgery, pregnant women are more likely to use there for comfort.

  • Less Swelling & Discomfort

    During the nine months of pregnancy, there is a possibility of swelling making room for itself on your foot upon doing excessive exercises. You are supposed to face these issues in pregnancy which is extremely normal, and you don’t have to stress about it. Because of swelling, there could be discomfort in your entire body which causes restlessness and sleepless nights.

    Pregnancy can cause an increase in your body fluid by 50%, which is the sole reason for swelling in your foot or anywhere in your body.

    The swelling mostly takes place in your foot which is why compression socks are recommended for pregnant women. More than 80% of women deal with swelling in their feet during pregnancy, and the only best cure is through wearing compression stockings to relieve themselves from swelling and discomfort all the time.

  • Get Rid of Varicose Veins

    Varicose veins are known as veins that are twisted or have been enlarged due to the blockage of blood in the veins. This mostly happens to the veins that are the nearest to the skin. Mostly varicose veins can be seen in the legs.

    If the veins are turning bluish or purplish, there is a possibility that the leg or that part of the body to be diagnosed with varicose veins. It is common for women with pregnancy to have varicose veins, which could cause discomfort and numbness and the easiness of the legs. Compression socks help you get rid of the varicose veins and reduce associated swelling and pain; in addition, they help you move your leg more efficiently and smoothly.

  • Best For Major Physical Activity

    Compression socks help relieve the tension in your leg and let you move around freely, and they help support your veins to improve blood circulation. In pregnant women, compression stockings help reverse venous hypertension, which provides you much room for physical activities or even plan a baby shower all by yourself.

  • Size & Pressure Are A Huge Helping Hand

    The compression stockings’ size and pressure matter a lot when buying compression stocks during pregnancy. The size of your ordinary socks is not supposed to align with the size of the compression socks for pregnancy, so make sure you buy the one that you’re most comfortable in.

    The bigger the size, the lesser the pressure and vice versa; the compression stockings are purposely made to put pressure on your leg, so be wise while choosing the right socks for yourself. They provide tender support to the leg, so you don’t have to sit on the couch all day, waiting for the numbness in your leg to fade away.

  • Stay Active

    Your physical activities in pregnancy can brighten up your mood. Since there will be more activities, you can also spend time on yourself while spending time with your baby. The warm feelings these compression stockings provide you can help relieve stress as you move around your house, baking, cooking, or anything else you love to do.

    Since the compression stocking help removes blood clots in your leg, this will help you feel lesser pain in your leg and give you better mobility to move around the house and do your work by yourself.

  • Reduces Risks for Life-Threatening Diseases

    There is a huge chance of pregnant women being diagnosed with life-threatening diseases with only two options left; give up your or your baby’s life. Compression stockings are proven to cure and protect both the mother and the baby from diseases by providing you with better blood circulation, fight with diseases, lesser blood clots and many more advantages.

    Life-threatening diseases may include diseases whose name is enough to scare off a person, but it is undoubtedly true that many pregnant women have been relieved from many kinds of pain through compression stockings.

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Not every woman has to wear compression stockings, but if you’re willing to get your physical activity back and feel lesser pain in your legs, compression socks should be your first go-to option. Make it your priority so you can also experience the exciting and loving time of the pregnancy.




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Why Pregnant Women Need Compression Stockings

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